Believe in the magic

Since 2015 Happily Ever After Princess Parties has been providing magical moments and creating lasting memories at birthday parties and celebrations all over Southern California.


Our company was created with the love of classic storybook characters and magical memories at local theme parks. We now get to live out our dream to making magic for our customers and their loved ones! 

Performers at Happily Ever After Princess Parties have backgrounds in theater, live performing arts, and theme park entertainment. 

Disclaimer: It is not the intention of Happily Ever After Princess Parties to violate any copyright, trademark, or licensing laws. Our characters are representations of generic characters from classic storybook fairy tales, not name brand or copyrighted characters. We only accept bookings from our customers who are aware that we do not represent licensed characters. In the event that you should require a copyrighted character, you should contact the company and or copyright holder. Happily Ever After Princess Parties is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company, we are based on classic storybook characters, any similiarities are purely coincidental.

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