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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

This page lists our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, set up to help protect us and protect you. Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy clauses define the conditions which one must accept in order to use our services. Once you read this page and agree to book with us, you automatically agree to the policies laid out.

If you do not agree with these policies, please do not use our services.

Terms & Conditions
Payment of your party deposit is expected at the time a reservation is made. If the payment is not paid, the date for the reserved event date and time shall be forfeited, allowing others to reserve the date and time. You may also pay the full amount of the party at booking via PayPal, if you wish. By reserving one of Happily Ever After Princess Parties Performers you agree to pay the remaining balance due upon our performers arrival at your scheduled event. We also ask that you make the payment discreet (such as using an envelope) to ensure we do not spoil the magic for any of your guests by seeing our princess holding money! Gratuity for your performer is not included but it is appreciated, feel free to tip your performer at the end of your party if you feel it is necessary
Late Payment Fee

If, for any reason, you fail to pay the remaining balance at the party, a $50 Late Payment Fee will be added to your account balance. Should you fail to send payment within 72 hours of your party, that fee will become $100. Beyond that, further legal action will be taken. Please have your remaining balance ready to give to your performer before they leave the party. 

Should you need to cancel your performance; a 7 day notice is required in writing through e mail, with a response from Happily Ever After Princess Parties, accepting the cancellation. The deposit will not be refunded if the party is cancelled less than 30 days from the date of the event. If the party is cancelled more than 30 days from the party we will review refund on a case by case basis. If the party date of event needs to be moved due to unforeseen circumstances (poor weather, serious illness or injury) the payment may be used toward another date or forfeited at will.




Refunds must be obtained by writing an email to Happily Ever After Princess Parties explaining the reason for the refund. Each performance is different and each refund will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Happily Ever After Princess Parties has the right to not refund, refund 50%, or refund the full amount at their discretion. All requests for refund must be reasonable. Because your child did not like the hired performer and wanted a different character is not means for a refund.



Party Etiquette

We ask that pets be kept away from the party or event area while Happily Ever After Princess Parties performers are present. We don't want them to be afraid of our performers or risk soiling our costumes. We also ask that all food and drink be served before the arrival of our princess or after her departure. Our costumes are high quality and we treat them with care, therefore any severe damage caused to costumes, wigs, or party supplies NOT caused by the performer will be added onto the party balance. We ask that the client, participants and guests attending each party or event arrive at least 30 minutes to an hour before our performers scheduled arrival. We generally have multiple parties scheduled on one day, which makes it very difficult to postpone character visits due to late arrivals. The client acknowledges that Happily Ever After Princess Parties performers have the right to leave if the party or event extends past the allotted time agreed upon between the client and Happily Ever After Princess Parties.

Supervision & Safety
Princess Parties are for children 11 and under in most cases, so we ask that an adult responsible for the attendees remains with the children at all times; even when a Princess is “hosting” a party. We are professionally trained performers and our goal is to portray each character booked as authentically as possible. Happily Ever After Princess Parties performers are not responsible for any child care, injury, or any thing that may happen to a child in attendance. Princesses performers are hired for entertainment purposes only. The well-being and safety of our princess performer and attendees is of the upmost importance. If at any time your Happily Ever After Princess Parties performer feels that they are in a hostile, unsafe, or harmful environment, our performers retain the right to end the party and not refund the amount paid. If they leave before the remaining party balance has been paid, you will still be responsible to pay. The safety of the guests in attendance is the responsibility of the adult, party host, or guardian of the children in attendance. Any gifts given, such as the coronation tiara, are only given with the permission of the adult who hired the performer. Therefore, the adult who booked the party takes responsibility for all safety associated with the gift after it has been given to the child.

Character Representation
All performers, costumes, and accessories, and at a Happily Ever After Princess Parties strive to be representations of classic storybook fairytale characters. We do not try to infringe upon any character copyrights or licensing rights from any of the characters we represent. By hiring one of our performers you agree to accept the princesses we portray are representations of beloved classic storybook characters, not name brand or copyrighted characters. We only accept bookings from customers who are aware that we are not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company. Any similarities are purely coincidental.


Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. We have developed this privacy policy in order for you to understand how we collect, use, communicate, disclose and make use of your personal information. The following outlines our privacy policy.


Before or at the time of collecting personal information, we will identify the purposes for which information is being collected. We will collect and use of personal information solely with the objective of fulfilling those purposes specified by us and for other compatible purposes, unless we obtain the consent of the individual concerned or as required by law. We will only retain personal information as long as necessary for the fulfillment of those purposes. We will collect personal information by lawful and fair means and, where appropriate, with the knowledge or consent of the individual concerned. Personal data should be relevant to the purposes for which it is to be used, and, to the extent necessary for those purposes, should be accurate, complete, and up-to-date. We will protect personal information by reasonable security safeguards against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification. We will make readily available to customers information about our policies and practices relating to the management of personal information.


We are committed to conducting our business in accordance with these principles in order to ensure that the confidentiality of personal information is protected and maintained.

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